Thursday, 21 August 2014

#IJSRD Computational Modeling and Docking for H1N1virsus using Bioinformatics

Computational Modeling and Docking for  H1N1virsus using Bioinformatics

Abstract--- This  research work will be carried out using the retrieval of H1N1virsus  Hemagglutinin protein   sequence of Influenza A virus[AEN79399] in FASTA format, these sequence are retrieve from the NCBI database that have unknown structure. The aim of present study was to carry out the computational modeling study of the mentioned protein sequence using 3DJigsawn protein comparative modeling server, Verify-3D structure evaluation server, CHIMERA. Validation process done by Verify3D analyzes, the compatibility of an atomic model (3D) with its own amino acid sequence (1D).Collect all the results for possible Ligand/drug candidate finding in-silico. The last step is Docking study for H1N1 protein with Tamiflu (possible Ligand) that help for finding a correct medicine.

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