Thursday, 19 November 2015

NCIL : Gesture Controlled Robot for Remote Applications

Gesture Controlled Robot for Remote Applications


Harshit Goel , Maharaja Agrasen College (University of Delhi) Delhi - 110096


Gesture Controlled Robot, Remote Applications, XBee Radios


The paper describes robustness of Sensors based Gesture Controlled Robot which is a kind of robot that can be controlled by our hand gestures rather than an ordinary old switches or keypad. In future there is a chance of making robots that can interact with humans in a natural manner. Hence my target interest is with hand motion based gesture interfaces. An innovative formula for gesture recognition is developed for identifying the distinct action signs made through hand movements. An Acceleration Sensor was used to carry out this and also a Flex sensor for convinced operation. For communication between hand and robot XBee, radio module has been used which has a significant transmission range, consumes low power and has multiple advantages over conventional RF or Bluetooth transmission. In order to full-fill our requirement a software program has been written and executed using a microcontroller on the robot. Gestures control robots can extensively be employed in human non-verbal communication. They allow to express orders (e.g. stop), mood state (e.g. -"victory" gesture), or to transmit some basic cardinal information (e.g. "two"). In addition, in some special situations they can be the only way of communicating, as in the cases of deaf people (sign language) and police's traffic coordination in the absence of traffic lights, a real-time continuous gesture recognition system for sign language Face and Gesture recognition. Upon noticing the results of experimentation proves that our gesture formula is very competent and it also enhances the natural way of intelligence and is also assembled in a cheap simple hardware circuit.

Technology today is imbibed for accomplishment of several tasks of varied complexity, in almost all walks of life. The society as a whole is exquisitely dependent on science and technology. Technology has played a very significant role in improving the quality of life.
The increase in human machine interactions in our daily lives has made user interface technology progressively more important. Physical gestures as intuitive expressions will greatly ease the interaction process and enable humans to more naturally command computers or machines. 

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